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Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the processing of the products of the first inspection, and record;
2, responsible for the process of the identification of substandard products;
3, responsible for the inspection of outsourcing parts;
4, to complete the inspection tasks, responsible for the quality of products;
5, raw material purchase inspection (implant raw materials, equipment, raw materials, packaging materials);
Job requirements:
1 college degree or above, master the professional knowledge of mechanical manufacturing, can identify mechanical drawings;
2 familiar with the use of various measuring tools;
3 have good professional ethics, communication and coordination ability and team work spirit, good sense of responsibility and commitment to stress, execution.
Processing center programmer
Job responsibilities:
1, according to the drawings, process documents and product quality standards, the process of product processing;
2, the basic operation of the processing center;
Job requirements:
1, machining center operation experience is preferred, with the UG\mastercam programming skills, can independently complete the processing of the whole process of operation;
2, high school degree or above, mechanical related major, nc;
3, good conduct, physical health;
Vertical turning center
Job responsibilities:
1, according to the team production arrangements, to complete the production tasks;
2, according to the equipment operating procedures correct and rational use of production equipment, and according to the requirements of the daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment;
3, reasonable preparation of slitting machining program, select the appropriate tool;
4, strictly abide by the safety operating procedures and other safety management regulations, to ensure the safety of production;
5, can identify mechanical drawings, will use the basic measuring tool;
Job requirements: 1, technical secondary school degree or above, mechanical, CNC related major, slitting (turning centers) working experience preferred;
2, have a skilled job operation skills, can independently complete the whole process of operation;
3, good conduct, physical health;
Medical device technician
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the Department of orthopedics medical process trial and optimization, preparation of technical documentation;
2, with other departments to complete the verification work;
3, to assist the company to complete the establishment of quality system and CE certification work.
Job requirements:
1, medical equipment design, mechanical design and other related professional, bachelor degree or above;
2, familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of medical equipment, have the medical equipment industry production or development related work experience is preferred;
3, familiar with ISO9001, ISO13485 quality management system, familiar with the document preparation, record management, verification program design, technical documentation and other work priorities;
4, good conduct, physical health, careful and meticulous work.



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