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Changzhou ji Shuo medical instrument co., ltd (geasure medical) is a leading department of orthopedics medical equipment production enterprises, the company is located in Changzhou city of Jiangsu Province, the unique geographical center of the ecological advantages of Binhu West Taihu core West Changzhou Taihu science and Technology Industrial Park, the company focused on in the Department of orthopedics trauma, spine and bone joint implanted medical devices the research and development, manufacturing and sales, distribution network throughout the country, the establishment of regional sales offices in a number of domestic city.
The company has first-class production equipment, scientific management, professional production technical team has won numerous partners, to establish a cooperative relationship with a number of domestic distributors and hospitals.
The company has a number of years of Employment Department of orthopedics medical equipment technology and senior research and development team, has made great achievements in the field of medical devices implanted in the Department of orthopedics, medical master always be talent development strategy in the first place, and constantly improve the construction of high quality and scientific research ability of the enterprise team, adhering to the technology innovation, product innovation, service innovation.
Set master medical is committed to improve the quality of life of orthopaedic patients, we adhere to the "cherish life, future pillar" purpose, to skeletal rehabilitation of orthopedic patients and continuous efforts, set master medical will work hard, in front of a challenge, courage, enterprises to do fine, bigger and stronger!
Company goal: to become a respected medical enterprise in the Department of orthopedics.
Concept: Quality is the root of the life      Innovation is developing road.
Purpose: a pillar of future love life
Mission: to make life more happy.
Vision: leading the Department of orthopedics, medical world leader.


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